The Danes were probably given less grief when they were pillaging their way across Britain in the Dark Ages than the stick they received from Brits a couple of weeks ago for “banning” Unilever’s Marmite.

The British press was outraged, liberally quoting disgruntled expats while calling for reciprocal action against Lurpak, Danish bacon etc.

Except Danish food chiefs didn’t actually ban Marmite. They realised Marmite (and other British favourites such as Horlicks and Shreddies) contravened long-standing food safety regulations, and told retailers Marmite couldn’t be sold until someone stumped up £1,000 to determine whether it was a risk to the Danish population.

The market for Marmite is understandbly quite small, so Unilever does not market the brand there itself. But with exporters reporting plummeting sales, shouldn’t someone at Unilever have realised that, for less than a grand, they could have become heroes?

One application to the Danish food authorities, one call to The Sun newsdesk, and they could have been the company that saved Marmite from the Vikings.