Sir; It is a shame that a feature such as last week's Focus on Frozen (The Grocer), with so much positive content, could produce such negative comment in the tabloid press about the retail frozen market. The truth is that volume in the overall frozen market is basically static, with a decline of just 0.4%. Pizza, savoury products and even the much-maligned frozen desserts ­actually made gains in value, which means volumes unarguably increased.

No one should have been surprised that burgers, ready meals, low quality sausages and chips are still suffering from the 'Jamie Oliver factor'. However, frozen fish continues to hold its own.

The problem was probably your dubious headline and reference to shoppers viewing frozen as "chilled's cheap and tacky cousin". The feature itself was highly positive; it was a shame to spoil it and give the tabloids a chance to unjustly knock frozen food.