Sir; The latest report by Wrap showing that households throw away one third of their food should not take the focus away from the issue that, every year, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of fit-for-purpose food are being disposed off before they even get into consumers' baskets.

At the same time, an estimated four million people in the UK cannot afford a healthy diet.

FareShare is a charity specifically cited in Defra's Food Industry Sustainability Strategy as an organisation creatively addressing the issue of surplus fit-for-purpose food through ensuring access to quality food for thousands of the UK's most vulnerable people.

Last year alone FareShare diverted more than 2,000 tonnes of quality surplus food from the food industry from going to landfill and redistributed it to more than 350 community organisations, helping to feed some 16,000 homeless and disadvantaged people every day. In turn, this resource enabled more than £5m of funds to be saved and reinvested by the community organisations we support.

Notwithstanding the food industry's effort to find green alternatives to landfill such as anaerobic digestion, surely as much effort and investment by both the government and the private sector must be put into diverting surplus fit-for-purpose food to people who need it, thereby using the resource before recycling it?

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