Vileda is the latest glamour-free brand to opt for a Pop Idol-style ‘talent’ contest to drum up publicity. The rubber glove-maker is hunting for 10 so-called VIPs who genuinely love cleaning. (There must be some of you out there.)

Contestants need to apply before 6 March with their top house-cleaning tip, with winners promised first crack at new products and more bleach than they can drink in a year.

They will also star in a series of clips on the company’s website showing off their ‘clever-cleaning’ expertise - although in an era when a video clip of a cat miming to Britney Spears hits can become an overnight YouTube sensation, that’s perhaps not quite such a glittering prize.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for people who love cleaning to come forward and share their talents and tips with the nation,” gushed Vileda cleaning-queen Lindsey Taylor - sending thousands of eager young things into fame-crazed paroxysms as they sniff the chance to impersonate the Shake’n’Vac lady on the darker corners of the interwebs.

For some reason (possibly involving copyright law), Vileda declined to call the contest Mop Idol, in an oversight almost bordering on the negligent.