Sir; 'Give kids what they want' : Is that a five-year-old girl or a 14-year-old (going on 24) female or a spotty teenager with a huge appetite? Define your target!

It seems some brand managers are still seriously missing the point. Just sticking on a licence does not sell products. We have actually shown a client how inappropriate their choice was, only to see them ignore the advice because they had a 'good deal' - and then have the range withdrawn after three months. Ouch! Lunchbox contents are often devoured long before lunch time and our research shows 'snacks' can take place up to six times a day. Vending machines need to be more filling in their content.

The key item is still the sandwich, according to a Good Sense Research survey in June 2005. And in creative sessions with top chefs, we found big kids chose a minimum of three ingredients. Not one chose the ubiquitous white sliced bread when given a range of options. So come on supermarkets - give mum some help with this dreaded morning ritual! Set up a sandwich-making section with creative, tasty fillings and healthy options.