Sir, FDF would like to give its initial reaction to the outcome last week of the Department for Transport consultation on the possibility of allowing longer articulated lorries ('Grocers set to benefit from longer lorries', 15 October). We are disappointed the government has decided to embark on a 10-year trial as we would have liked to have seen an earlier implementation.

The grocery sector was likely to have been one of the main beneficiaries of such a change with a predominance of lighter products that tend to cube out on volume before reaching the weight limit. For such products, longer vehicles can be expected to deliver improved environmental outcomes and business efficiency benefits.

The trial will involve less than 2% of the trailers currently on UK roads. We believe that it is likely to become quickly oversubscribed.

We are still in discussions with our members regarding the government's position, but are sure this decision will restrict significantly the economic and environmental benefits longer trailers could have brought to the sector.

David Bellamy, environment policy ­manager, FDF