Sir, I read with interest your feature 'The Final Score: World Cup a bit of a non-event for grocery' (17 July, p12). Who has ever rushed out and bought something from the company advertised on a football shirt? Who has ever rushed out and bought Powerade because Wayne Rooney's image is on the bottle?

Not many. They will only buy these products when they see them in-store and especially if they are on promotion.

In the previous week's lead story 'Waitrose shines amid promotional shambles', suppliers were quoted as saying they now spend "far too much" on promotions. Suppliers should sit down and analyse what they spend, and where, and decide which is the most beneficial.

All this advertising on football shirts, celebrity endorsments etc does not benefit the supplier, or the retailer (especially independents) or the customer, but is just a way for football clubs, celebrities etc to increase their income and it is time suppliers realised this.

Spend the money where it works best on promotions in-store, and give more to independents!

Valerie Aston, buying controller, The Proudfoot Group Of Companies