IGD welcomes your article highlighting the importance of water in the food and grocery supply chain (More Crop Per Drop, 13 March).

We recognise that water is perhaps the most important element in ensuring resilient, robust and cost-effective grocery supply chains.

The embedded water figures are very interesting, but water is not the same as carbon its impact varies across the globe, throughout the seasons, and water comes in many different qualities and states.

We must ensure we understand this or we risk missing the major challenges in water-stressed regions such as Southern Europe and North Africa.

Recognising, understanding and prioritising plans to address water in regions such as these will help our impact immediately, and this is important.

To start the process IGD has recently published Water in Your Supply Chain, an introduction to the issue, with a comprehensive directory of more than 60 global organisations, available on our website: www.igd.com/water

Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive, IGD