Wrigley is aiming to add some new year sparkle to its range of Orbit Professional tooth-cleaning gum with the brand’s first whitening variant.
Like its predecessor, the new White variant will come in blister packs of sugar-free pellets but will also promise consumers to help reduce tooth stains and keep their teeth naturally white.
It is the brand’s first extension since launch in September 2003 and will replace Orbit Ice White Pellets. Retailing at an rsp of 45p, the newcomer contains Bi-White and, said Wrigley, is aimed at the growing number of health-conscious consumers who take personal responsibility for keeping their teeth looking good as part of a healthcare regime.
A spokesman said: “Orbit Professional has been extremely successful since launch and we are confident that White will be equally as popular. Consumers understand the dental benefits of whitening and enjoy the taste, while retailers benefit from the high profit margins.”