A new beer launched this month is aimed at consumers with a taste for premium imported lagers.
Klug is a 5.2% abv organic beer brewed in Germany at the Giessner Brewery near Hessen, and is in the process of gaining on and off-trade listings.
Klug, which means ‘clever’ in German, was developed specifically with the UK market in mind by a London doctor, Vinod Moudgil, who has set the brand the target of becoming a top five bottled beer.
He said the concept was an organic brew with a clean taste, aimed at drinkers who like to savour their beers.
“The beer has very little aftertaste, which our research showed was preferred by our target 23-43 age group.
“Although it is brewed in Germany, it is very much a British product and aimed at the UK market.”
The product will be supported by marketing over the next few months. However, Moudgil emphasised: “I think that in terms of npd, the public has had enough of aggressive marketing. We think the quality of the product is the best way to win the public’s admiration.”
A pack of 24x330ml bottles has an rsp of £16.47. There are plans to extend the range next summer.