Niche is a very apt term for the organics sector if our shopping trip this week is anything to go by. An assistant at Safeway in Ilkeston reckoned the store did not sell organic milk because "we're not that posh around here ­ and it's expensive". None of the stores visited sold or had in stock lean fresh beef mince and it was hit and miss whether any of the other nine products were available. Results for the shop were skewed because we asked shoppers to buy a number of own label products. The Co-op in Manchester offered Clipper and Nescafé coffee and cereal by Seeds of Change, as could Somerfield in Bodmin. When comparing prices of organic juices, the cheapest was at the Co-op in Glasgow where Libby's was 89p a litre, while Grove Fresh hit £2.29 at Sainsbury's in Cwmbran. Our shoppers checked these against Tropicana's premium non-organic orange juice which ranged from £1.49 at Safeway to £2.19 at the Co-op in Manchester. Sainsbury's in Cwmbran might have shown poor customer service but it had a good organic range. It did not stock organic new potatoes but had baby salad potatoes and only sold beef mince in 500g packs. Tesco stocked the most own label lines but was out of milk and minced beef. {{GROCER 33 }}