Organic milk now offers consumers real value for money, OMSCo’s executive chairman has claimed. The gap in price between organic and conventional milk, which stood at 45% back in 1997, is now at its narrowest since 2001 due to input costs of organic production rising more sharply than non-organic costs, according to Nicholas Saphir.

“From a consumer point of view, value for money is exceptional – the organic shelf premium is down to as little as 14% – half that of when organic sales growth was at its highest,” Saphir said at the OMSCo Organic Milk Summit last week.

OMSCo has frequently claimed the organic dairy category offers one of the lowest costs of conversion. It would cost a family of four consuming 7.6 pints per week less than £1 a week to convert to organic, according to the company. OMSCo also called for further explanation of the cost difference between organic and non-organic agricultural systems.