Exclusive Sheila Eggleston BBC Worldwide has signed a deal with German manufacturer Sunval to produce Teletubbies organic baby food, The Grocer has learned. The 15-strong range consists of jarred meals and desserts such as tender carrot and potato, and apple and blueberry pudding, for babies aged from four to eight months. Sunval has specialised in organic baby food for 45 years in Germany. Jeff Bayley, md of Single Marketing, which handles the range in the UK, said: "The best way forward for Sunval was to link it with a well known name such as Teletubbies." The moment was opportune, he said, as BBC Worldwide was working hard to upgrade the quality of products using the Teletubbies name. "We are starting with 15 products in 125g and 190g jars but there are other products in the portfolio which would be good bedfellows," he added. The first products will start hitting shelves from January or February, while support will include adverts in the baby and women's press. They will also have the full weight of BBC publicity behind them. Meanwhile, Hipp Nutrition UK has announced it will launch a chopped pancake in fruit sauce aimed at children from 12 months. The bitesize pieces of pancake come in peach and apple, and apple and cinnamon sauces. Rsp is 99p for 200g jars and the launch has been timed to coincide with Shrove Tuesday on February 19. {{P&P }}