Babyfood maker Organix has ditched its bright packaging after finding mums struggled to describe what the brand stood for.

The bright colours and cartoon-style lettering didn't convey the "all-natural ingredients", said managing director Anna Rosier. They have been replaced with shades of green, as well as baby photos and imagery of ingredients. It has also made its 'no junk promise' strapline more prominent and packs will feature clearer guidelines on how the products can be used during weaning.

"We needed a more distinctive identity," said Rosier. "Our logo used to be in the top left corner and the 'no junk promise' was in the bottom right, so people didn't connect the two. We want people to automatically think 'no junk'."

The designs, which Organix hopes will give a more uniform shelf presence, will appear in stores from October, supported by press advertising.