Babyfood company Organix is launching is first new range of products since its purchase by Swiss food company Hero in March.

It has developed Savoury Pots, a six-strong range of recipes suitable for stage one and stage two children. Four recipes have been designed for children at stage one - from four to six months onwards - including sweetcorn, carrot & pea, butternut squash & chicken and fruity chicken with wholegrain rice, while pasta stars with bolognaise sauce and vegetables with rice & cheese are more suitable for stage two children aged seven months and up.

The products, which will be available from Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose and Booths later this month, come in packs of two 120g or 130g pots with an rsp of between £1.79 and £1.89. They contain organic and free-range ingredients but no artificial additives or added salt or sugar.

In May Organix dropped its snacking bars for mums, just over a year after launch, to concentrate on its babies and toddler products.