Sir, Last week's Focus on Butter & Spreads suggested British butter brands are missing a trick in terms of flagging up their provenance (2 July,). I agree.

Provenance can be promoted effectively when locations hold positive associations for consumers. Yeo Valley is a good example of a brand that has used a provenance story to its advantage. Referencing a family-owned West Country operation, it conjures up an image of care, quality and a personal touch.

The key is to build a brand based on provenance only when it communicates something positive, not just for the sake of it. During the downturn, the British public is looking to support local farmers and Countrylife has built this into its approach to great effect.

In the long run, it would seem best to find a credible link between Britain's farms and better quality, as well as a 'supporting British farmers' message. This would cater to the majority of consumers who are unwilling to compromise on taste and quality, but enjoy the feelgood factor that comes from buying British.

Pippa Garlick, consultant, Dragon Rouge