Makers of a sparkling wine infused with gold are hoping to inject some excitement into the wine category.

RNR Drinks has launched Oro, a Cava made from organically grown grapes from Spain's Alt Penedès region, to which edible gold flakes have been added.

"I find the idea of taking a decent sparkling wine and infusing it with gold quite fascinating," said wine writer Malcolm Gluck, who is endorsing the wine.

"I have spent nearly 20 years writing about wines from around the world and I haven't experienced anything quite like it."

The product is also bringing some much needed innovation to the wine aisle, according to Gluck.

"It's fantastic when new and innovative ideas appear on shelves," he said. "They revive and refresh people's interest. It's great to experiment with something different rather than being old fashioned," he added.

Oro will retail for £14.99 a bottle and the company hopes it will become the ultimate party drink.