Sir, We launched our premium Kent Crisps this month and the overwhelming response from retailers and consumers is "marvellous, a local product we can support" ('Crisps gain 'typically Kentish' dimension', 26 February). They like the fact our potatoes are grown in the county and the introduction of Kentish flavours. With local sourcing increasingly important to people's buying habits, it's understandable how a community can be stirred into an instant affinity with a brand and its producer.

And it's not just those in the vicinity that are driven to buy. Through our locally produced rapeseed and extra virgin olive oils venture, we see consumers from far afield engaged with ingredients and processes used at a local level.

Local is good; usually it says something about the passion and care gone into making goods that help to sustain micro UK economies rather than lining the pockets of global conglomerates.

Anthony Curwen, MD, Quex Park Estates