"Fast, fast and very fast" - the verdict from our man from Del Monte, Ken Patterson, who won a weekend with a Ferrari 360 Spider courtesy of The Grocer.

Patterson, commercial controller for Del Monte Fresh and a "big-time" supercar lover since childhood, drove the 400 bhp convertible up to Oxford for a weekend away with his wife earlier this month after the prize draw in June.

"I've driven Ferraris on a track before, but having one to yourself on the open road was an experience, even though my wife was quite blasé about the whole thing," he said.

"People treat you differently in a car of that style. When we went shopping we were ushered into an exclusive car park and told our car would be watched while we were away."

Despite "possibly breaking the speed limit on a number of occasions", Patterson said he'd yet to receive any penalty notices, and the only drawback was having to return the keys on the Monday.