Bulmer's is to cut back its overseas operations and focus on the UK due to fierce competition from ready-to-drink products such as Smirnoff Ice. Bulmer's said it would "scale back" its US business, withdraw from South Africa and increase investment in key UK brands such as Strongbow and San Miguel. The company has suffered in the UK as well. Reduced stock levels in the cash and carry sector hit volume sales. Technical problems are delaying a major product launch and sales of Strongbow Spice have been disappointing. Sales of White Lightening and Scrumpy Jack were flat and Bulmer's revealed Red Stripe lager would be dropped after volumes fell 11% across the year. Strongbow and San Miguel defied the trend, with volumes for Strongbow up 7% and volumes for San Miguel up 48%. Sales at Bulmer's for the 52 weeks ended April 26, 2002 rose 11% to £585m. But pre-tax profit fell 26% over the year to £21m. {{DRINKS }}