Aldi's move to becoming a destination supermarket was underlined by The Fishmonger, its range of own-label frozen fish which it launched last year.

The range, which includes 12 core and six seasonal lines, was developed to give consumers a 'naked fish' option, so they can prepare and create their own fish dishes.

Aldi has since added Fishmonger Additions, which consists of the same fish products with additional marinades or sauces.

The Fishmonger was a clear winner with the panel of judges, who applauded the simplicity of the idea and the skill with which it was implemented.

It is "a great concept and a positive way of bringing in new consumers," said one judge, while another described it as a "nice concept that is well differentiated and well executed."

The range also scored highly on the taste front - The Fishmonger tilapia fillets with sweet chilli-flavoured butter won the frozen fish category in last month's The Grocer's Own Label Excellence awards.