Selfridges has listed a range of German vermouths that aim to shake up the ‘staid’ image of vermouth in the UK.

Belsazar Vermouth comprises a dry, white, red and rosé (rsp: £30/75cl and £24.99/37.5cl). They all went on sale in Selfridges last week. UK distributor Axiom Brands said Belsazar’s use of regional wine varietals produced a fresher-tasting premium offering to drink neat over ice or as a spritz. Selfridges has also launched three spirits from New York’s The Eighty Six Co: Panama-made Caña Brava rum (rsp: £36.99); Aylesbury Duck vodka from Canada (£33.99); and Ford Gin (£39.99). A Tequila Cabeza launches in mid-September.