Do you ever get complaints from customers about the packaging of foodstuffs? I bet you do. I cannot count the times I've opened a pack of fruit juice early in the morning only to have it cascade its vitamins all over my feet. At one time I also thought I would have to resign myself to giving up pickles when I became too feeble to wrestle open the jars (or I'd have to step up my weights programme). But now there is a light at the end of this shrink-wrap tunnel. The DTI has announced research to help designers produce better packaging. More than 60,000 people a year receive hospital treatment because of packaging accidents, costing the health service £12m. Peel and tear types of packaging often don't work in the way they should, and exasperated folk resort to sharp knives. Candidates for improvement include ready meals, prepacked cold meats and pasta, yogurt pots, packets of peanuts, sachets of ketchup and shampoo, and soft drinks bottles with plastic wrapping round the lid. So now when the public complain, you can say something is being done about it. {{GROCER CLUB }}