Simon Mowbray
Parents are being presented with an easier way to give children the goodness of oily fish and vegetables ­ by hiding tiny capsules in their food.
Equazen Nutraceuticals claims its latest launch ­ eye q micro ­ is the ideal solution to the problem of getting children to eat a healthy diet. The 2g mini sachets contain miniature fish oil capsules and have just gone on sale in Boots and larger branches of Tesco.
Positioned in the food supplements aisles, the sachets can be sprinkled on food or swallowed direct and contain a mix of fish oil, virgin evening primrose oil and vitamin E.
Each capsule has two layers, said the company, meaning that most absorption occurs in the intestine rather than the stomach, thereby also "reducing the risk of fishy burps".
Equazen MD Adam Kelliher said: "| have not met a parent yet who says their child likes to eat oily fish and green leafy vegetables. Mine certainly don't and the problem has been how to get long chain fatty acids into their diet in good regular quantities.
"We hope that eye q micro will solve this problem and make meal times a lot easier."
A pack of 30 of the one-a-day sachets ­ equivalent to a month's supply ­ retails for £14.99.