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  • Comment on: Urgent action is needed to protect coconut water's success

    Paul Hiscoe's comment | 15 Oct 2017

    Well said Julia.

    Brands are paying lip service to this issue. How much additional testing do these 'new regimes' really undertake? Meanwhile retaillers can now easily screen for added sugar using a low-cost handheld scanner to perform a simple test.

    Which retailler will be the first to introduce effective consumer protection?

    Paul Hiscoe

  • Comment on: FSA probe finds widespread addition of undeclared sugar in coconut water

    Paul Hiscoe's comment | 15 Oct 2017

    Well done NFCU for uncovering this.

    A simple screening test for levels of added sugar has recently become available. Using a low-cost handheld device and a smartphone app, supplliers, importers, retaillers and even consumers can now get an instant estimate of sugar levels right down to samples from individual shipments.

    The first innovative organisation to take a lead here will quickly send a message to the producers, to the benefitting all.

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