Sir Paul McCartney has launched a campaign urging the public to take part in “Meat-Free Mondays”.

The initiative, which is supported by Linda McCartney Foods, asks the public to have one meat-free day a week to help protect the environment by reducing the amount of gas emissions related to meat production.

Celebrity chefs including Simon Rimmer, Giorgio Locatelli and Skye Gyngell are backing the campaign by providing vegetarian recipes for its website,

Many of us feel helpless in the face of environmental challenges and it can be hard to know how to sort through the advice about what we can do to make a meaningful contribution to a cleaner, more sustainable, healthier world, said McCartney.

“Having one designated meat-free day a week is actually a meaningful change that everyone can make, that goes to the heart of several important political, environmental and ethical issues all at once,” the former Beatle said.

“For instance, it not only addresses pollution, but better health, the ethical treatment of animals, global hunger and community and political activism.”