Since Linda McCartney Foods started we've always supported the brand, but it's suffered a bit in recent years. I don't know why. Maybe it was a lack of attention from us. Also, when we were working with Heinz, we didn't have too much say [on the marketing side]. We would want to do advertising but they had the control. We had to rely on word of mouth.

Frozen has taken a bit of a dip, but it's coming back, I hear. Stella, Mary and I decided it would be good to get behind it again. I've never lost faith in frozen. When I heard it was declining, I thought, 'it's not in my house', and I said to myself 'hold your nerve'. Now it's coming back and with the United Nations telling us to eat less meat, there's an interesting new dimension to the products.

We're going all out to make sure people know frozen food is out there and tasting better than ever. And, of course, we want to expand our list of products. We've got three new ingredients lines [launching in August], and we've got the Bean Bake and the Snooze Sausage in development. It's quite exciting.