High-end cheesemonger Paxton & Whitfield is teaming up with artisan bread chain Gail's Bakery to open its first store-in-a-store.

The latest Gail's to open in Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell on 1 December will offer cheese from P&W alongside its own fresh artisan breads.

P&W will have a marble cheese-serving counter and three glass-fronted fridges stocking about 80 British and Continental cheeses, and its staff will be on hand at peak trading hours. "In terms of our company values and the fine quality of products we sell, we knew it would be a great partnership," said P&W managing director Ros Windsor.

The shop will also sell complementary products, such as chutneys, and shoppers will be able to ­order sandwiches to eat on the premises. It will be Gail's seventh retail premises and P&W's concession will join its three existing standalone stores.