Melton Mowbray pork pies, Cornish clotted cream, Kentish ale, Jersey Royal potatoes and other products with European food name protection will now have to state the fact on pack, following the introduction of new legislation this week.

As of 1 May, manufacturers of products with PDO, PGI and Traditional Speciality Guaranteed status must display the relevant logo or the words in full on the label.

The blue and yellow PDO label has also been dumped in favour of a new red and gold version, although the old logo can still be used until 1 May 2010. The PGI and TSG logos will remain unchanged.

The change had been brought about because many producers across the Continent had not been putting the information on packs, said Irene Bocchetta of Adas, which manages the scheme in England.

The law change would have ramifications for retailers who had sold products such as Stilton in own-label ranges without the PDO logo or information, Bocchetta added. They would now have to either include the information or rename the products.

Some 20 British products are currently going through the assessment process, including Craster kippers, Jersey Black butter and Welsh perry.

A further 24 products are in the earlier stages of the application process.