Buyers who delayed purchasing Greek canned peaches because they thought prices would continue to drop have been caught out. This season's pack has turned out smaller than the quantities of fruit suggested, even after some of the crop was destroyed. While there may be parcels of halves available on the spot market, talls or halves of slices are not as plentiful. There are not enough packers to allow buyers to play the field like they used to ­ and the survivors are starting to realise that they will get better prices with less stock in the market. So unless business is already written, the incentive to pack slices on spec for the UK is fading fast. "You can only push the industry so far," said one importer. The Italians reached that limit some time ago and have increasingly diverted peaches into nectars and higher value products rather than canned slices for the UK. While Spanish packers want supermarket business, growers can earn more from selling fresh fruit abroad than supplying the canned market. If the Greeks were to get fast track transport or closer export markets for their fruit, the remaining canners would no longer be in the business of selling cheap. {{PROVISIONS }}