A premium quality ready to eat range of fruit has gone on sale in Waitrose stores.
The pre-packed fruit, called Perfectly Ripe, is sold in peak condition, ready to be consumed on the day of purchase.
The products selected must fulfil criteria for being the best possible varieties in terms of taste and texture, and are allowed to mature on the tree for as long as possible.
The packs are available in 64 selected branches and presented in a special display giving a three-day shelf life.
The range, presented in rigid, black and gold packaging, features six varieties of pears, including Conference, Comice and Williams, yellow and white fleshed peaches and nectarines, apricots and plums. Tropical fruit is also represented by kiwis, avocados, mangoes, and papaya with a lime. In some cases fruit is sold singly or as a twin pack, rather than in fours. Prices range between 99p to £2.95.