As well using traditional recruitment agencies, job sections and websites to recruit new talent, companies are increasingly turning to social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn - even to recruit senior staff.

Kellogg’s European HR director Nicola Morley says the company recruits more than 85% of its intake via social media sites, with LinkedIn a particularly good place to find people to fill senior or specialist roles.

“Kellogg’s has a LinkedIn page and all of our recruiters are set up on LinkedIn, so when we have a job vacancy we put it on our page and our recruiters will send out an email alert to people who follow Kellogg’s. You have to have a recruiter to manage it but the cost saving is phenomenal.”

As an HR spokesman from a rival fmcg company can attest.

His business recently hired a senior member of staff through LinkedIn that probably saved the business somewhere in the region of £25,000 in agency fees as the company found the ideal candidate “totally free of charge”, says the spokesman. “As a vehicle, sites like LinkedIn are absolutely massive now, much to the disgruntlement of recruitment agencies.”