Another member of the Amar family has joined RH Amar.

James Amar, 32, grandson of founder Raoul and youngest son of chairman Henry, will be responsible for the D’Aucy brand of French canned vegetables, as well as driving RH Amar’s digital and communications strategies.

He previously worked for five years at Orange where he was responsible for the mobile phone giant’s web offer.

“In one way or another, RH Amar has always been a part of my life, from discussions about the business at the dinner table to summer jobs in the warehouse,” he said.

“It’s obviously rubbed off as I’ve always had a keen interest in food, and am well known for rooting through friends’ cupboards to see what they’re eating - and then make some better recommendations from our range of much-loved brands.”

RH Amar MD (and elder brother) Rob Amar added: “Having a mix of talented and dedicated family members and colleagues is vital to the continued success of RH Amar, and has been at the heart of our business for 68 years.”