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It's 'Planuary' but why not focus on your career all year?

10 Jan 2019 | By Jonathan Fitchew

Looking for your next role, or thinking more seriously about the future of your career, should not be a brief resolution

Public speaking

Be courageous, build confidence: act on those opportunities

10 Dec 2018 | By Jennifer Baker

Courage is what you have when you face something scary, and you do it anyway. Confidence is what you have after you’ve done it

People working together with a common purpose_team work

How to get the best out of your team when money is tight

16 Nov 2018 | By Benoit Mahé

There are other ways to affect the happiness of your team without salary increases

Career advice management

A successful career won't just happen - actively manage it!

08 Nov 2018 | By Jennifer Baker

Some actively manage their careers so they achieve it, while others leave it to chance

argument disagreement colleagues on computer

Resolving conflicts in your team is vital for customer experience

19 Oct 2018 | By Benoit Mahé

Conflicts between colleagues can seriously damage relations and the overall effectiveness of an organisation


Small changes can go a long way in engaging employees

12 Oct 2018 | By Jennifer Baker

Engagement is about more than staff surveys and team-building activities


Say no to yes-men: contrarian candidates can be constructive

08 Oct 2018 | By Jonathan Fitchew

The drive toward a market hegemony shared by fewer and fewer larger companies has quickened as 2018 has progressed

epos till

Introducing change at work? Make sure your team is part of it

04 Oct 2018 | By Benoit Mahé

Benoit Mahé on how to motivate staff to adopt new technology

Employee engagement

Improve employee engagement with the right leadership style

14 Sep 2018 | By Jennifer Baker

Putting employee engagement and motivation on the company-wide agenda will lead to better performance

Woman using phone

Be ruthless: set your mind to achieving laser beam focus

14 Aug 2018 | By Jennifer Baker

A client described her life as feeling like a “tweeting effect” – everything rushed with short, unfocused bursts of activity

Hands together team work community

Gareth Southgate's principled England team has much to teach businesses

02 Aug 2018 | By Steve Parfett

Businesses, like football teams, must achieve a balanced approach to succeed, says Steve Parfett


Taking time out gives you perspective and space to breathe

31 Jul 2018 | By Camilla Barnard

I spend most of the week in a confused state of frustration and liberation

meeting in office business discussion

Time and meeting management is key to efficient working

30 Jul 2018 | By Benoit Mahé

As multinational companies start to extend into different territories, demands on people’s time can increase massively

Football match

Gareth Southgate shows the value of empathy in a leader

15 Jul 2018 | By Jonathan Fitchew

Many unpredictable trends have sat alongside the conventional ebb and flow of this year’s World Cup

Young smartly dressed businessman looking up towards the sky_career_ambition_aspiration

Fmcg careers need fresh job descriptions to attract the best talent

19 Jun 2018 | By David Sables

Many other industries now offer what only fmcg did 25 years ago, so the best have better choices, warns David Sables of Sentinel Management Consultants

Boss at desk

Teach a man to fish: learning through productive struggle

29 May 2018 | By Jennifer Baker

Broadly speaking, the nature of a team is a reflection of their leader, says Jennifer Baker

business job interview office

Fmcg recruitment: what's the best way to find the best candidates?

15 May 2018 | By Camilla Barnard

Finding the right people is our greatest challenge as we grow, says Camilla Barnard of Rude Health


Take back your time and discover how to work best with people

28 Mar 2018 | By Jennifer Baker

I think we would all agree on the importance of making time for people at work

Strategy meeting

Use Easter to reflect on your methods and reconsider strategy

22 Mar 2018 | By Jonathan Fitchew

Themes traditionally associated with Easter include hope, resurrection and new beginnings

Career advice management

The best leaders are self-aware and emotionally intelligent

01 Mar 2018 | By Jennifer Baker

There’s been much coverage recently about bullying and poor leadership in some high-profile organisation



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