Well there goes another week on the roller coaster ride that's passed for 'enjoyment' this year in being a Peterborough United season ticket holder.

There was a brief, and some would say cruel, good run a few weeks back that gave us the delusion of hope, but that inevitable day of reckoning has finally arrived and so it's back to league one for the Posh!

But despite the depressing last few months, let's not forget the years of plenty that preceded this one. We've had a good run for our money and with a new man in charge for next season then, let's face it things can only get better can't they?

As you can see, being a Posh fan has been great preparation for that other momentous event that's finally been announced recently the general election. Here we've also seen a few denials and red herrings along the way, but those in the know have had it pegged for a long time now 6 May it is. The only thing we can't be certain of in this case is the change of manager!

It's not really for me to get too tangled up in all this. I generally like to steer well clear of both politics and religion and we are going to get plenty of the former from all quarters over the next four weeks but at least we can all breath a collective sigh of relief now that we actually know the date. From a business perspective and a people-focused one at that, it's very difficult to second guess what's going to happen.

There is very little to choose between the two main parties in terms of policies. In fact on the way into work this morning I thought the radio presenters summed them up very succinctly as "the centre right party" and the "right of centre party"

All I know is that all three mainstream parties have some policies that sound very sensible. On paper, they can all make a case. They are all very logical and make a lot of sense. However, when it comes to voting and logic we're back with the football scenario again. If it was just down to logic then surely we'd all support Man Utd or Chelsea or perhaps after recent performances be Barcelona fans. But we aren't. Why? Because we've all got our natural allegiances.

Talking recently to my clients and candidates, key to keeping the recent recovery alive will be maintenance of the confidence that's started to come back to our markets over the last six month.
Being able to plan ahead is a big factor in this and one thing that we can all agree on is that whatever the outcome on 6 May, the last thing we want is a hung parliament. At least if you know your fate you can organise yourself and get on with your life. There's nothing worse than being kept in limbo just ask any Peterborough United fan!

Guy Moreton is director of recruitment practitioner MorePeople