Training budgets held fast in 2010, with those increasing their spend actually rising during the year. Twenty one per cent forked out more (up from 17% in 2009) on training, despite the economic uncertainty.

"We've invested a lot in our staff benefits and we're spending a lot more on training," says Kellogg's sales director Mike Taylor. The kind of training companies are investing in has also changed in the past year. Pursuit NHA noted a reduction in budgets for group training schemes and a greater focus on initiatives tailored to meet specific individuals' needs.

"We've been doing a mixture of both at Kellogg's," says Taylor. "For high-level roles and the leadership group we've done a lot more leadership-specific training."

At Coca-Cola Enterprises training expenditure has not let up, says senior talent acquisition specialist Tanya Pakeman, with staff receiving their own "defined development plans".

Household and personal care giant SCA Hygiene's training budget remained untouched despite the bleak economic outlook, says HR director Heather Baker. In 2011 SCA will be investing about £2,000 a head on its people. And it's money well spent, she says.

"It's much better to invest in your people and develop their skills, rather than lose them through resignation and have to go through the expense of hiring again."

Training budgets
In 2010
Spending more: 21%
Spending the same: 34%
Spending less: 45%

In 2009
Spending more: 17%
Spending the same: 37%
Spending less: 46%

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