Mark ‘the Ribman’ Gevaux sells full racks, half racks, rib meat rolls and rib meat wraps at Brick Lane Market and at the market at King’s Cross, in addition to his own sauces

Name: Mark Gevaux
Age: 44

Where did the business idea come from?
I’m a qualified butcher - I started when I was 12 and was fully qualified at 15 - but I lost my leg a few years back and they told me that I couldn’t work full time again because I fall over a lot. So I found a job in a little butchers shop.

The owner of the shop told me to throw away the pork ribs because she said they were just bones, but I couldn’t bear to so I spiced them up and shared them among the shop’s staff and they loved them. After that, I started selling spiced fresh ribs on the market and then I started cooking up samples to help boost sales - the samples went so well that I stopped doing the fresh ribs.

What else do you sell?
Hot sauce. I started selling it a few months ago after people started asking if they could buy the sauce I use on the stand.

How many bottles do you sell per week?
I sold 50 little bottles last week at £5 a bottle. It’s not bad considering I don’t advertise it. I’ve been blown away by how quickly it’s taken off.