Tasha Marks is founder of Animal Vegetable Mineral - a boutique food events business catering for festivals, parties and pop-up experiences. Events undertaken so far include ‘Taxidermy and Tea’ and ‘Miracle Berry Banquet’

Name: Tasha Marks
Age: 23

Do you have any food training?
My parents run restaurants but my background is in art history.

Why did you decide to set AVM up?
I’m fascinated by food. I find the idea of food curiosity really exciting and I love hunting for unusual things that people haven’t tried or tasted before. It’s about unlocking a world that people might not know about.

Who are your main clients?
I work for a sculptor during the day so I’ve got one foot in the art world and I love the idea of food as an installation art and taking on projects and responding to other people’s work through food, which is probably why I’ve been doing a lot of art gallery openings. I take the artist’s work and respond to it with something edible.

Who is your main source of inspiration?
I did some work with Bompas & Parr when I first started off and they set me off on a tangent of the experimental and the weird. But I’m also inspired by food historians like Ivan Day. That mixture of food history and the edgy contemporary craziness of people like Bompas & Parr is pretty inspiring to me.