Argos has removed more than 50 of the 76 petfood products on its website following complaints from suppliers.

The retailer had sourced the products, many of which were specialist and premium, from a third party without gaining authorisation from the manufacturers.

It confirmed that it had pulled the brands, which include Mars’ Royal Canin and P&G’s Iams.

Suppliers said they were unhappy about being on the site and about the quality of information provided about their brands.

Although Nestlé had not removed its Purina brand when The Grocer went to press, it said it considered pet stores to be a better place for it.

“We believe these products require a more complex understanding by the owner to select the correct tailored nutrition for their pet,” it said.

Argos admitted it was rethinking its petfood offer. “We need to review the product and brand-related information we provide,” it said, adding that it remained committed to growing its range.