Peter Rabbit Organics is branching out from grocery and launching a children's range of fresh fruit in Waitrose.

The organics-for-children brand will appear on mini Fairtrade bananas, apples and easy-peeler oranges in 75 stores across the UK and through Ocado's home delivery service. The fruit has been specially selected for its small size to help children get their 5-a-day.

"Peter Rabbit is loved by people of all ages and he is associated with trust, quality and wholesomeness," claimed brand manager Katie Towers. "We felt these qualities lent themselves perfectly to a tie-in with fresh fruit."

Peter Rabbit Organics has already made inroads into the children's lunchbox sector. Last year it added a mini carton of apple & grape juice to its juices range to tap into opportunities within healthy character licensing.

The brand is also trying to reduce its environmental impact by looking at switching Peter Rabbit Organics to compostable packaging.