Piat d'Or is carrying the flag for the French wine market with its first advertising campaign for a decade. This follows a major revamp of the brand earlier in the year which featured changes to both the wine and the packaging. All the major New World wine companies have introduced ad campaigns for their brands and the French regions have brought out generic initiatives, but Piat d'Or will be the only French wine brand with heavyweight support. Guinness UDV subsidiary Percy Fox is spending £100,000 on outdoor posters which put the emphasis on Piat's French origins. These will be seen for the next two weeks in the south-east of England and Yorkshire, and nationally on mainline railway stations. Promotional material includes tasting booklets and point of sale and a sampling programme will be run at mainline rail stations. Marketing manager Emma Chamberlain said: "We offered samples of the new wine to thousands of people during the summer and the feedback has been very positive. Awareness of Piat d'Or is very high but there are a lot of people who have not drunk it, especially those under 25. "It is our job to cement in people's minds the Frenchness of the brand. It is the one brand from France that will not confuse consumers." The total budget for the brand is £2m and this will include another burst of advertising before next Easter. Chamberlain added: "We want to make sure we keep the momentum going." {{DRINKS }}