Of the 29 joints, cuts and products (including pork sausages) monitored regularly, all but four showed no price changes in the week to June 1 in MLC's latest price survey. The only moves were small reductions recorded for beef rump steak and boneless pork leg, along with modest rises for boneless lamb shoulder and pork loin steaks. This is surprising given all the talk among abundant cheap beef, especially South American. TN Sofres household purchase estimates have been indicating flat demand and probably some weakness in carcase beef and pork. MLC farm to retail price spreads for April show negligible changes from a year earlier for beef and pork. The spreads did narrow on lamb and bacon. Retailers might claim they exercised prudence in pricing the beef and pork for which demand had seemed to soften, so could not be accused of contributing to the poor sales, and had been willing to forgo attainable margin in the stronger performing sectors. {{MEAT }}