Junior farm minister Joyce Quin was this week accused of supporting an "unjustified slur" which the MLC's generic pigmeat campaign cast on the Danish pig industry. The challenge came from Danish Bacon and Meat Council marketing director John Howard, after Quin spoke at the Provision Trade Federation lunch in London. It arose from the controversial £4m MAFF-funded generic pigmeat press advertising campaign. This, in three executions, has made some damning comparisons between overseas pig production and the welfare standards practiced in the UK. "Some MPs have raised this with us. I'm afraid we won't satisfy each other entirely," Quin conceded. "There are no signs so far that anyone is buying less bacon as a result," the minister added. She welcomed the airing for welfare measures in this country. "We did want to give recognition to what our own producers do," adding that she did not think Danish bacon would disappear from the UK. The campaign was being run through newspaper advertisements and so was at one remove from the point of purchase, she added. It would make people think before they actually went shopping. - See story, page 22. {{NEWS }}