Buckingham Vintners is calling for more consumer-led innovation and less deep discounting in the wine trade as it launches a pink, sparkling Chardonnay into the UK.

The new wine, Pink Chardonnay Frizzante, taps into three key trends and is an entirely new product, claims the company.

"Consumers in the UK are increasingly buying into the rosé and sparkling wine categories, while Chardonnay remains their grape variety of choice," said Jon Pepper, marketing manager. "This is a great example of consumer-led innovation, which the wine trade is always talking about."

He added: "Years of growth driven by increasingly deep discounting have finally hit their ceiling, creating a need for innovation to pull more consumers into the category."

Pink Chardonnay Frizzante, rsp £4.99, is described as a light, fun drink aimed at women. "This is an exciting launch as it represents an entirely new product," said Pepper.