Huge losses for overstocked US canners Recent pink salmon promotions have proved popular with consumers who are taking advantage of both bogofs and lower prices for 418g. Last season's record pack of pink salmon resulted in a major marketing problem which only reduced prices could solve. In spite of fishermen accepting the lowest prices in recent memory, canners face huge losses based on current fob levels, which have been necessary to achieve the required consumer interest. Current unsold stocks are likely to carry over into the new Alaskan pack. Already some US canners have declared their intention to close some canneries to avoid a repeat of last year. "If we had been given the fish at no cost last year, we would still be counting our losses in hundreds of thousands of dollars, based on current selling prices," a packer told The Grocer. The problem lies with the industry being production rather than sales led ­ the view of an importer ­ but if the financial controllers have their way, the new pack strategy for pinks will be very different to last year. {{CANNED GOODS }}