Dairy bosses have played down fears that an amendment to European rules governing food portion sizes could spell the end of the pint of milk.
The European Commission has proposed scrapping the prescribed quantities regulations, which dictate the sizes of packs that some types of food, including milk, butter and bread, can be sold in.
A report to the European Parliament by the Commission’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee contains separate amendments proposing retention of the prescriptions for metric and imperial pack sizes.
There are fears that the parliament will vote in favour of the metric amendment, but not the imperial option. Such a move would probably spell the end of the pint of milk, since 568ml would be unlikely to be one of the pack sizes adopted.
However, industry body Dairy UK, which is lobbying for retention of the status quo, said it had been advised by the UK’s Department of Trade and Industry that the metric proposal was unlikely to be accepted in isolation and that the pint of milk was safe.