Premier Foods is stepping up its challenge to Heinz with the launch of a Branston-branded table sauces range.
The move follows Premier’s ongoing challenge to Heinz in another key category after it launched Branston Baked Beans last October.
Branston brown sauce and tomato ketchup hit Sainsbury shelves this week as rivals to Heinz’s market-leading ketchup and HP’s brown sauce, which will transfer to Heinz later this year following its purchase of HP Foods, subject to approval by the Competition Commission, which is scrutinising the deal.
The purchase was referred to the commission amid concerns it would reduce competition in ketchup and brown sauce.
Premier, which is tipping its sauces to win at least a 20% share of the brown sauce category and 10% of ketchup in two years, revealed its beans brand had achieved a 6.2% share by the end of 2005 [IRI], before a £7m round of TV support had even begun.
With Heinz’s acquisition of HP resulting in it owning an even bigger dollop of table sauces, Premier believes there is a gap for another brand.
Heinz declined to comment on the matter.
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