David Cameron’s plans to introduce a 45p minimum price per unit of alcohol have almost as many supporters as detractors, new research by The Grocer/Him! reveals.

The Shop Waves poll shows that 45% of shoppers support a minimum unit price, while 47% don’t and 8% are undecided. However, while there is significant support for minimum pricing, fewer (31%) believe the policy will lead to a reduction in binge drinking.

Support for MUP was higher than for a tax on HFSS foods, as called for by the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges last week. Just 37% of shoppers would welcome a fat tax, with 54% opposed.

The results highlighted the complexity of tackling binge drinking and obesity, said Him! research and insights manager Blake Gladman.

“A more well-rounded approach is required, with enhanced education and information around the issues as well as impacting shoppers’ wallets,” he said.

However, this week the wine and Spirit Trade Association, which recently launched the ‘Why should responsible drinkers pay more?’ campaign said its own poll showed 75% of consumers opposed the policy.