The food industry needs to work together more closely to safeguard the long-term sustainable production of UK food, a leading industry figure has claimed.

If a clear approach to land use and food production is not formulated, the UK risks being unable to meet the needs of its future population, Professor Chris Pollock said.

Pollock will be speaking at an industry conference entitled 'From a Land of Plenty to a Land of Uncertainty' on 24 June.

"We must change the way the whole supply chain operates to cope with the volatile prices," Pollock said. He claimed supermarkets also had a role to play in convincing the public that good food can cost more.

Western European nations could no longer rely on the rest of the world to provide them with food, he said, and it was vital for Britain to ensure it could provide a safe, affordable, reliable supply of food.

Sir Ben Gill, who will also speak, will argue that the era of guaranteed safe, cheap food supply is over.