A producer is celebrating after its specialised pork range proved a hit with consumers.
Cranswick Country Foods said sales for its Sainsbury Taste the Difference pork range were 30% higher than expected.
The range, initially launched into 88 Sainsbury stores, was produced from a specially reared traditional breed of pig, the Hampshire cross.
The pigs are reared outdoors for 12 weeks before moving to large straw-bedded barns and fed on a natural cereal-based diet for an improved taste and better texture.
Similarly to the initial Jamie Oliver Taste the Difference beef range, the pork is also matured on the bone for 48 hours as traditional butchers used to do to allow flavour to develop. The pork’s success means the range has recently been rolled out to a further 30 stores, taking the tally to 120 with further expansion to a total of 300 stores planned for September this year.
Jim Brisby, sales manager for Cranswick, said: “The range is selling well above forecasts.
“We initially expected to sell between 15,000 to 17,000kg of pork a month, however we are currently doing just short of 25,000kg per month.”
The aim was to provide consumers with the best possible eating quality, as well as provide versatile products. Pork sales have been fairly static but the misconception pork is fatty and unhealthy is changing.”
He said Cranswick was now working on developing the range further.